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Horror Author Armand Rosmalia talks with Robert Chazz Chute on the first Cool People Podcast!

My first guest is Armand Rosamilia, uber zombie guy! We talk about Armand’s books, The Walking Dead and the meaning of zombies, from George Romero to 28 Days Later to Shawn of the Dead.

Armand ( escaped the existential horror of retail life for writing full-time in Floridian cafes. We talk about Dying Days, 50 Shades of Decay and Metal Queens. Not only does Armand know about zombies, he knows the book business.

Know someone who would make a great guest? Everyone knows someone. Contact me on Twitter @rchazzchute or email me at expartepress AT gmail DOT com. 

This podcast wouldn’t be possible without my friend and podcast guru Dave Jackson of the School of Podcasting. The All That Chazz podcast will continue because, hey, I’m talking to myself, anyway. The Cool People Podcast is my excuse to talk to cool, new people and make more friends. Strap in. This is going to be big. Every guest gets a permanent promo link to their website.

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Music for today’s podcast (Truth of Legend and Hit Man) was supplied by Kevin MacLeod of He makes amazing music. Check out Incompetech to hear more.

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