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Thanks to all my interviewees. Here are the links to all my guests…

Episode 1 Armand Rosamilia, Horror Author: Horror books, writing, writing careers. Hear him now.

Episode 2 David Straus, Actor (Dave’s too cool to bother with a website.) We talked Oscars, acting, movie stars and the cost of bad movies. Hear him here.

Episode 3 Kit Foster of Cannabis cup judge and graphic artist talks drug laws, Breaking bad and bad cover designs. Listen here.

Episode 4 Writer Jordanna East of talks with me about surviving retail, writing books, marketing books and facing self-doubt in the quest to publish. Hear that delicious interview here.

Episode 5 Documentary director Christopher Richardson talks about his greatest regret and how he made a film about it. Find out more about Regret, Christopher Richardson’s latest documentary at regretthefilm.comSee the trailer for Cranky here.  Find out more about Where’s My Goat? at

Episode 6 Desert Eclectic musician Mosno Al-Moseeki, body in Baltimore, mind on Sudan. Mosno talks about the struggles of being an indie musician, growing up in Sudan and being trapped in Egypt. You’re going to love the sweet, groovy sounds of Shukran My Totem that starts of the podcast. It was a fun interview, too. 

Episode 7 Canadian erotica author and Feminist Porn Awards judge Eden Baylee talks about erotica, the inexplicable rise of Fifty Shades of Gray to prominence, what makes a pornographic film feminist and the doubtful allure of a relationship with author and poet Charles Bukowski.

Episode 8 Renee Pawlish authored the bestselling horror book Nephilim Genesis of Evil. A film noir lover, Renee wrote the Reed Ferguson Mystery Series and the Noah Winter series for young adults. Her latest book is This Doesn’t Happen in the Movies.

Episode 9 Shermin Kruse is a Chicago lawyer who frequently lectures on foreign policy and is a director of the Pasfarda Arts and Cultural Organization. In this podcast, we talk about the Middle East, US politics both foreign and domestic, fake scandals, real scandals, what the media isn’t telling you and how we could make the world a better place through art, connection and culture. Listen now.

Episode 10 LeRon Barton is the author of Straight Dope: A 360 degree Look into American Drug Culture. We talked about a lot of aspect of drug culture and the drug war. Hear the interview now. See the interview on YouTube.

Episode 11 Jessica McHugh is bestselling author of Rabbits in the Garden, The Sky: The World, and the gritty coming-of-age thriller PINS. Catch the audio podcast interview here. See the interview on YouTube.

Episode 12: Taut, claustrophobic and compelling, Wool is dystopian fiction that has captured the imagination of a cult of readers who can’t wait for more of the world Hugh Howey created. Cool author Hugh Howey is my guest and the conversation goes to surprising places. Hear Hugh now.

Episode 13: “Angsty” actor Jay Hash breaks down the lure of six-second movies on Vine, movies, the theater, comics, graphic novels and a Sean Connery impression that will blow you away. At the heart of this interview is Jay’s passion for Art with a capital A and a love of creativity and fun. Hear Jay’s interview now. Follow him on Vine at “Jay Hash”.

Episode 14: Gordon Bonnet! Cool teacher, science guy and author of Skeptophilia talks with me about navigating the world with a good brain, America’s potential doom and the wonderful evolutionary rewards of music. Tune in and listen now.

Episode 15: Satire! Humor! Sort of Sci-Fi, but maybe mostly not. Mark A. Rayner is a funny, complex guy with stories boiling out of his head. Listen to his take on the Singularity and The Fridgularity, technology and Paleolithic sex practices here. (Chazz also bangs on about the end of the world again.) 

Episode 16: I knew Janice Landry from 1983 to 1987. She’s been busy writing, reporting, and authoring books while I wasn’t looking. Check out our fun (and surprisingly musical) interview here. And buy The Sixty Second Story by Janice Landry, for inspiration, tears and transformation. 

Episode 17: Dr. Mohanalakshmi Rajakumar is a charming and accomplished woman whose award winning book, Love Comes Later, was banned in her country, Qatar. This, despite her taking pains to be sensitive to Qatar’s culture. It’s a fascinating interview with an author who is a  rising star.

I confess I  embarrassed how little I knew of Qatar until I learned they’d prefer we really not know much about this tiny, yet extremely wealthy, nation (at least through native fiction.) Enjoy the conversation here.

Episode 18: Russ Sawatsky is a former Mennonite minister living with kidney disease. In this episode of the podcast, we discuss religion, Good and Evil, God, restorative justice, human behavior and his struggles with kidney disease. Listen to the interview here.

To learn more about how you can donate organs, to Russ and others, check out his website at Follow him on Twitter at @rsawatsky, and spread the word and awareness. #DudeNeedsAKidney!

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